Places in these workshops and wetlabs are limited in numbers.

Please note that this is a draft programme and minor changes may be made due to unforeseen circumstances.

Small animal workshops/wetlabs

Using behavioural loops to train and progress canine exercise
Mr Robert Porter (USA)
Half day (AM and PM)
This lab will give participants basic skills in teaching therapeutic exercises through a positive reinforcement training system. This training system will allow your patients skills and exercises to progress and get harder over time without any real re-training of the patients behaviors. This system also allows for manipulation of very specific movements, form as well as control over speed and excitement of the canine rehabilitation patient and athlete

Shockwave in Veterinary Practice
Professor Matthew Allen (UK) and Dr Kirsten Haeusler (GER)
Half day (AM)

Orthoses and Splinting in Practice
Diane Messum (UK)
Full day
This lab will provide specialists in small animal rehabilitation with a detailed insight into the use of soft supports, splints and orthoses for different conditions of the carpus and tarsus. You will be introduced to the use of different splinting materials and taught how to ‘measure up’ and make your own grades 1, 2 and 3 carpal and tarsal supports and assistive devices. This lab will also walk you through the steps to cast confidently for a grade 4 carpal or tarsal orthotic.

Equine workshops/wetlabs

Muscle and ligament assessment with acoustic myography
Adrian Harrison (DK)
Half Day (PM)
This wetlab will demonstrate how to use the new modality of acoustic myography in connection with horses. It will explain how to apply sensors and the CURO unit to a horse (horses), how to make a real-time muscle or ligament recording, and how to interpret the measurements. It will also cover the background to this technique – basic principles etc, and can also (time permitting) provide examples of its application in the Vet Clinic.